About Wayne

Wayne Sealey is a self confessed wood addict. In 2001 he was inspired by what he saw traditional craftsmen produce at country fairs; wicker chairs, rough benches and carved sculptures all caught his eye, igniting the creative spark within him. Whilst working for a Tree Surgeon in 2002 he realised that he had a natural affinity with wood, he could see functional objects in shapes that others were discarding, saving pieces from the chipper or the bonfire he began to experiment. Now Wayne is notorious amongst family and friends for wood spotting; seeing the shapes that could be a lamp, a drawer knob, an incense burner or a shelf bracket. What began with making gifts for family and friends has now become a small creative business; Natural Fusions is born. Each piece that Wayne creates is unique, the selection of wood specimen comes first, the object design second. He cares passionately about the feel and aesthetic of each piece, spending hours on finishing to create a silky smooth contrast to appropriately untouched bark. When placing your order with Natural Fusions you are in effect ordering your own piece of Wayne, such soul and thought goes into each piece. Happy to discuss bespoke requirements, Wayne is always seeking new and interesting specimens to create original works with, so any ideas that you have that you don’t see in these pages just make contact and Wayne will be in touch to explore how it could be realised. Wayne with Zoe the Cat