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After a tough workout routine

"I love them, Rodgers told NBC following a game Sunday night. "It’s fun working together with them. They do not broke. Qb Kellen Moore tops of the list of youngsters on parade for the final two games. After showing promise coming off the bench to replace Matt Cassel in the 19 16 loss the actual New York Jets, Moore will get his first career start from Bills. He hopes to celebrate enough to earn a spot as Tony Romo’s primary backup next season..

Drew Bledsoe quote The Cowb


Pine Chair Before & After

I found this piece of pine at a building site, ready to go into a skip, the ground was being ripped up to create foundations for an extension. The seat shape was instantly obvious to me and so I asked if I could take the wood off the builders hands, they were more than happy […]

May The Forest Be With You

So here it is, the first blog on my new website! It is my intention that you enjoy visiting my site and that you visit more than once, even more than that, it is my ambition that you enjoy it so much that you invite your friends to visit too This blog is intended to […]